Bullfrog Assistant IPA Download For IOS


Bullfrog Assistant is a just regular, sandboxed iOS application. The Bullfrog Assistant app target contains the vast majority of Bullfrog Assistant's functionality, including all the logic for downloading and updating apps through Bullfrog Assistant. Bullfrog Assistant makes heavy use of standard iOS frameworks and technologies most iOS developers are familiar with,

Bullfrog Assistant is an iOS application that allows you to sideload other apps ipa files onto your iOS device with just your Apple ID. Bullfrog Assistant resigns apps with your personal development certificate and sends them to a desktop app, Bullfrog Assistant, which installs the resigned apps back to your device using iTunes WiFi sync. To prevent apps from expiring, Bullfrog Assistant will also periodically refresh your apps in the background when on the same WiFi as Bullfrog Assistant.

Bullfrog video Tutorial
Bullfrog Download link for windows , MAC

Bullfrog Download iPhone iPad

Bullfrog Assistant is a third-party installer for iOS that lets you sideload and install IPA files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It has been built to allow users to install iOS apps on their devices that aren’t normally available on the App Store, such as emulators, jailbreaks, tweaks, and torrent apps.

How to Install Bullfrog using Windows

Download and install the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s website (not from the Microsoft Store)

Download Bullfrog files from above

Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it and select Extract here to unzip the file and extract all the contents. If this option doesn’t appear, then make sure you have WinRAR installed.

After it’s extracted, double-click on the setup.exe file to begin installing Bullfrog Assistant to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

After install dubble click on Bullfrog

now contact your device to windows

click on install button to install Bullfrog on your device

Bullfrog Assistant will be installed on your iPhone. Once installed, go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management, tap on the profile labeled with your Apple ID, then press the Trust button.

Bullfrog Assistant is compatible with iOS 16. Here’s how to install and run Bullfrog Assistant on iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

You’ll be prompted to update Bullfrog Assistant, however in case you don’t get the prompt, do click on the Bullfrog Assistant on Windows taskbar, choose “Check for updates…”, follow the instruction if the Bullfrog Assistant installed on your computer needs updates (installation wizard will prompt you the instructions, follow them to get latest Bullfrog Assistant installed on your computer).