Xina520 jailbreak

Xina520 iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 XinaA15 Jailbreak App This is new jailbreak progress for the iOS 15 series no computer, which is currently in development and Xina jailbreak is not published to the public. This will be compatible with all iOS 15 supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.


XinaA15 jailbreak

There is hope for jailbreak fans now that the developer has mentioned the possibility of a public jailbreak for iOS 15 through 15.1.1 in future updates

Install Xina Jailbreak

XinaA15 Jailbreak app You can install on your iOS device when we sign with certificate

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Xina IPA

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xina for Ios

Therefore, fugu15 is the only key to complete a complete prison break, but it cannot be used stably here. I haven't found a good solution to this problem

还有一个关键依赖项还没完成修复 一些依赖项目并不只是路径问题 暂时没开放是因为我真的还要做更多的处理

Xina Jailbreak support iOS/iPadOS

iOS 15.1.1, 15.1, 15.0.2 , 15.0.1, 15

Xina Jailbreak not support iOS/iPadOS

iOS 16 ,iOS 15.6.1, 15.6 ,iOS 15.5, 15.4.1, 15.4 ,iOS 15.3.1, 15.3 ,iOS 15.2.1, 15.2

Compatible With iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 support iPhone & iOS

Xina package manager is Sileo Package Manager

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