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Taichi Panda Heroes ipa Join the unlimited and intense real-time combat in Desperation Survival Update! As you hack, slash, and blast your way with Lion Heart Roar, the brand new huge and powerful, Mid-short range fighter! He is so good at AOE controlling and will indulge you in distinctive and dominative experience! Chinese Zodiac Battlefield is on the trigger, it’s your time to hit legendary. Clash against rivals in a vast fantasy world, team up with friends to explore the wild continent and raid Dungeons, and the brand new 12-players PvP Battleground. Are you able to transform yourself to an unstoppable fighter? Start playing Taichi Panda: Heroes today to write your own fate

Taichi Panda Heroes

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Travel back to the days before Taichi Panda, and discover the thriving fantasy kingdom. Explore a vast and exciting world of bandits and brawlers, mystics and maniacs, all rendered in PC quality graphics. Become the true celestial champion as fight, hack, bash, and cut your way to riches and glory in a fast-paced and 3D action adventure!

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Take control of a wide array of unique and powerful heroes with Taichi Panda: Heroes' innovative multi-character system. Gather your forces and choose your squad to take the field, fighting through endless hordes and abominable beasts to seize the day. Mix and match your heroes and switch your main character to suit your strategy.

Taichi Panda: Heroes is an MMORPG inspired by a world of fantasy with major influences from oriental mythology. Players complete dozens of missions, facing off against thousands of enemies and joining forces with hundreds of online players to battle the toughest challenges in the game. When starting a game of Taichi Panda: Heroes, you'll need to select your default hero, choosing from three types of different characters. But, this decision won't effect how your game develops due to the fact that you'll get to add new heroes to your group of adventurers along the game as well as choose later on who your main character is and who you control.

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Travel back to an ancient realm of magic and adventure, in the days before Taichi Panda. The world is veiled in a dreamlike haze, as a mighty kingdom teeters on the brink of collapse. Many heroes step forth to face the challenge, as factions form to stake their claim in a world primed for change. Venture into the wilderness to discover treasure, face untold dangers, and battle for supremacy to be named the ultimate champion!

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In order to gain new Heroes, a player must first collect the requisite 10 Soulstones for a given Hero. These Soulstones are a vital resource to acquiring and upgrading Heroes. Different Soulstones can be acquired through different means.