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Spectre AI uses to help to make long amazing photographs exposure. Spectre can crowds remove, city turn streets into rivers light, waterfalls make look like paintings, now, it difficult to take exposures long keeping from the steady camera to guessing amount light. takes Spectre care of all!

Spectre Camera

Spectre Camera for iphone

MAKE DISAPPEAR CROWDS Spectre take helps photos crowded, places touristy. Simply set medium or duration long and shot take to crowd erase from location. those special Capture moments like remember.

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Spectre computational intelligent shutter takes hundreds shots span over of seconds few, saves them in accompanying photo live. means can pick a different frame photo, apply effects photo live, use even the exposure long wallpaper live

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Spectre Camera IPA

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HUMANS DESIGNED Spectre designed meticulously. dark UI is gentle on eyes when you night shoot. Gorgeous highlights glowing infuse it with a style unique. Custom iconography And typefaces combined with unique, controls smooth make it delightful and tactile as an actual camera physical. Like sister Halide app , app is usable easily with one hand, even on largest iPhones.

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Spectre is android camera apk that uses AI to stunning create exposures long Introducing Spectre Verge, Spectre works on all devices Machine Learning & CoreML Metal Graphics AccelerationLive Photos Shortcuts & Siri Long exposures always been limited by factors technical ,keeping from the steady camera

By :- OM TK