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Did you know that there is an excellent photo editing app beneath the camera filters and selfie sticker shock? That’s right, Picsart Premium has a hidden potential that can take your photos to the next level. The app comes with several pre-installed editing tools to help you give your images some wow factor. But if you want to retouch, adjust the contrast, whiten teeth etc., you will have to download third-party photo editors like PhotoLab or Pic Editor from the Appstore And Google Play Store. There are many benefits of using a photo editor: It makes your pictures more appealing and interesting for others by improving its quality. You won’t have to put up with grainy low-resolution pictures any more. It also saves time by cutting down on the number of times you need to retake a picture because it wasn’t quite up to par. And last but not least, it helps improve your photography skills in general so that the next time you get a great shot, you can share it with everyone!


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Things to Know Before Editing Photo in Premium Picsart Ipa - Image Resolution - Before editing any image, you will have to make sure that the image resolution is good enough. The recommended image resolution for social media platforms is 1024x768 pixels. You can use other tools too like Google Calculator to calculate the resolution of your image. - File Format - The file format is another important thing that you can’t ignore. It lets the app know whether the file is a PNG, JPEG or any other format. - Image Size - Image size is the last but not the least thing. If you want to edit your image and then share it, the size should be perfect for any social media platform.

How to Edit Photo in Picsart?

The first step is to open the image and then tap the edit button. Now select the photo editor from the list of available tools and change the settings according to your choice. The first tab is called “Adjust” and will allow you to adjust the brightness, tint and exposure of your image: - Brightness: Tap the slider to increase or decrease the brightness of your photo. - Saturation: Saturation helps in increasing the richness of colours in your photo. It makes your photo more vibrant and colourful. - Whiteness: This tool helps in increasing the whiteness of teeth and smile of your subject. - Exposure: Exposure makes your photo brighter or darker.

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Resize Photos in Premium Picsart Ipa You can resize your image to the desired size using the “crop” and “resize” button. You can also change its ratio. The best ratio for Instagram and Facebook is 1:1. Other ratios include 2:3, 3:4 and 16:9.

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Rotate Photos in Picsart Ipa If your image needs to be rotated, use the rotate icon from the menu. You can rotate the image in any direction up to 360 degrees.

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Adjust Brightness in Picsart Ipa Brightness helps in adjusting the overall brightness of the image and make it darker or brighter.

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Change Exposure in Picsart Ipa Exposure helps in making the image darker or brighter. It also adjusts the contrast of the image. You can use it to make the shadows or highlights lighter. You can also change the overall contrast of the image.

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Add Tint and warmth in Premium Picsart Ipa A tint is a colour cast that you can add to your image. It will make your photo look different from the original one. You can also add warmth to your image. It is used to make the image warmer.

Fix Red Eyes in Picsart

You can fix the red eyes in your image by going to the menu and then selecting the “red eye” icon. You can use this tool to reduce the redness in your image. It works only if your photo has been taken recently. If it’s from the pass, then you cannot use this tool to fix the red eyes. If your image has been taken with a flash, the pupils of your subjects will appear red. This red colour can be removed using the red eye reduction feature. All you need to do is select the image, click on the red eye icon, and then click on each eye once to select it. You can then click the “apply” button to remove the red eye effect from your photo.

Add Text in Picsart Ipa

You can add text to your image using the “text” icon. You can adjust the position, colour and font of the text too. You can also add stickers, emojis and GIFs to your image.

Cutout Effect in Picsart

You can use the cutout effect on your image and make it look like a sticker. You can adjust the opacity and colour of the effect too.

Share and Save Image in Picsart

After editing your photo, tap on the menu from the top and then tap on “share”. Select the platform where you want to share your photo. You can also save your image for future use.

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