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Floppy Cloud is one of the best utility and management application available for iOS devices. With this application, we can easily manage our files.


FloppyCloud IPA



This application also works as an emulator, which means that this single application will perform jobs of two applications. The multi-purpose of this application will also help us in saving a little bit of storage space on our iOS devices.

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This file manager was considered as one of the best application available for iOS devices. But, recently Apple removed this file manager from their App Store

due to policy violations. This is why we have uploaded it to our website so that even after getting removed from App store, you guys can download and enjoy it.This file manager is developed by Kyle Hankinson in 2014. According to him, he wanted to create a multi-purpose application for iDevices and then he got the idea of Floppy Cloud. The reason why everyone loves this file manager is that we can connect it to Dropbox or FTP servers to preview and download files locally.

FloppyCloud Download IPA for Iphone ipad

Floppy Cloud is getting older day by day, but still, it is among decent and lightweight file managers for iDevices. Majority of people use it as an emulator instead of file manager. Some features that this amazing application provides users with are as follows: It is completely open-source application. Floppy Cloud provides users with easy options to rename, move, delete, and manage files. Thanks to this great application, iOS users can now zip and unzip files and folders directly from their iOS devices. This application can also work as an emulator to play games from past. It can run almost all ROMs from all famous platforms. We can now make our own MP3 player and make our own playlists without much hassle. Learning and understanding how to use this application is very easy. Anyone can learn using it quickly. Jailbreak is not required for installing this wonderful creation. It works on almost all released iOS versions. This application also does the work of MS Office, so that you don't need to download separate applications. You can now view spreadsheets, documents, and PDFs directly with this manager. It has multi-touch gesture support which makes using it pretty easy.