AltStore Download For iPhone and iPad Windows & Mac


The best way to install Apps & Games from outside Apple's App Store was only made possible because Riley Testut wanted to Download unc0ver or ppsspp or play Pokémon on his iPhone & iPad.

AltStore Download and install Link Windows & Mac

AltStore is a third-party installer (Tweaked Apps) for iOS that allows you sideload and install IPA files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. ios 14 ios 15 ios 16 It has been built to allow users to install iOS apps on their devices that aren't typically available on the App Store, such as emulators (ppsspp , delta), jailbreaks (unc0ver , taurine), tweaks app (spotify)

How to Download Install AltStore For Windows

1- Install the latest version of iTunes

2- Install the latest version of iCloud

3- Download AltStore From link A bove

4- Install AltServer

5- Launch AltServer search for AltServer using the Search field in the taskbar and open it

6- Connect your device to the Windows

8- Install AltStore On your iPhone iPad

9- Enter your Apple ID and Password


The AltStore app is a .ipa file installer for iOS devices that works without jailbreaking. Unlike other 3rd-party app installers like Appcake and Scarlet, the AltStore app does not rely on Enterprise Developer Certificates, which Apple has been revoking recently. Check out the ( infographic ) below.AltStore app is not a jailbreaking app. It is an IPA installer that allows the installation of .ipa files of any app or tweak downloaded from the web that you want, which is unavailable at the Official Apple AppStore

Do you want to install some applications to iOS or iPadOS that are not available on the Apple App Store? Maybe you want an emulator, or a torrent client on your iPhone or iPad? If so, you will need to rely on a third party store called AltStore that lets you sideload applications on to your iPhone and iPad with just your Apple ID.Installation of AltStore is not nearly as easy as installing any other app as we’ll not be using the App Store. Rather, we'll be using a computer to get this done. Both Mac and Windows are supports. Before you proceed with the steps below, you'll need to make sure you have iCloud configured on your Mac, or install the iCloud desktop client and iTunes if you're using a Windows PC.

AltStore is a free iOS app letting you to install IPA files directly on your device without the need to jailbreak your iPhone. With a free certificate, you can install up to 3 applications that will work for 7 days without revoking. AltServer can re-sign all applications to prevent them from expiring.AltStore works with iOS 12.2, iOS 13, iOS 14, and the latest iOS 15. It can also now sideload IPA files directly to iOS devices without installing AltStore first. Hold Option (macOS) or Start (Windows) when clicking the AltServer icon to disclose the new

AltStore is an app store for iPhone and iPad with which you can install applications that aren't in the App Store. Get hold of it thanks to AltStore installer sideloadly ToturialSideloadly is a Cydia impactor alternative that allows you to install IPA for your iPhone or iPad. ios 14 ios 15 ios 16 Sideloadly is supported for both Windows & Mac