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AlMosaly is trusted by more than 30 million Muslims around the globe and The popular Muslim prayer app in KSA and the middle east region AlMosaly brings you the most accurate islamic prayer times and Adhan, many other features such as Quran, Adhkar, Duaa, Islamic articles, mosques nearby, Islamic Calendar and qibla finder with many methods such as: (compass, sun and moon, shadow, visual)

AlMosaly PRO

AlMosaly PRO IPA


Discover our new services and surprises. AlMosaly Features: Salah times Displayed on the main screen and is available for more than 250 thousand cities around the world. Adhan With AlMosaly, you will never miss Salah again. Enjoy Adhan by melodious reciters. Katam Al Quran Set your Khatam up and compete with your family in completing the Quran. Join our general Khatam and spread the words of Allah!

Download AlMosaly IPA PRO for ios

Duaa Ramadan is the month of Duaa, enjoy reciting Duaa from Quran and Sunnah plus Islamic Ruqya (exorcism) Adhkar Zikr is key in Ramadan, maintain your daily Dhikr and make most of each moment in Ramadan! Ibadah Maintain your Ibadah, compete with your brothers and earn rewards from AlMosaly premium! Tasbih Earn extensive rewards in Ramadan and remember Allah much using the Digital Tasbeeh feature.

Finding Qibla Accurately locate your Qibla using five different methods Articles Daily varied articles to benefit from and to share with your loved ones! Daily goals With this feature, your Ibdah is now more organized and easier to maintain Hijri and Gregorian calendar Along with all major dates, in one place for a smooth experience!

AlMosaly PRO Download IPA for Iphone ipad

The Quran Set your goal and AlMosaly will tell you exactly when the Khatam is, with great pushing notifications! Nearby Mosques Find the nearest mosque at each Adhan Happened on this day Discover the major Islamic events that took place on today’s date! Multi_ language AlMosaly features its services in different languages to reach out to all Muslims around the globe! Your feedback is what pushes us further! Share your thoughts and suggestions with us and do not forget to leave your 5-star rate in the store!

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AlMosaly is the most trusted Islamic application by millions of Muslims around the globe. Al Mosally features athan prayer times free in usa , salatak, Adhkar, azan, qibla, and prayer times, our app is used by 25 million of Muslims in Saudi Arabia and around the world. AlMosaly brings you the most accurate prayer times, Fajar list, azan and many other features such as Quran, Islamic articles, mosques nearby, Islamic Calendar and qibla with many methods such as: (compass, sun and moon, shadow, visual) AlMosaly Features: Accurate prayer times Shows the times for salatak: Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers. shows Final third and midnight. The app provides athan prayer times free in the usa, so you can know the accurate prayer times. Islamic Articles Articles that discuss valuable content for Muslims. Qibla Provides the accurate animated Qibla direction with ( compass pointing to Makkah location, sun and moon, shadow, visual) Now there will be no confusion, Almosaly now offers 4 types to make sure of your qibla direction Daily Quran Reading Read The Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) and you can easily browse by (surah, chapters, Pages) Adhkar Menu There are plenty of Adhkar such as :morning, evening, sleeping , salah, Adhkar all over the day, also you could set your own target of reciting Adhkar. Fajir list List dawn is a wonderful feature that helps your beloved ones maintain Fajr prayer. Once you add a contact to the list of dawn ,the phone will automatically call them at the dawn prayers. mosques nearby Provides the direction to the nearby mosques nearby according to your location