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Take control of a warplane and jump on the battlefield of 1945 Airplane Force - Airplane Shooting Games in this thrilling combat flight action game. In each of the 1945 Air Force campaigns, you will assume a squadron leader of an elite airforce unit, and engage in a team and solo action warfare

Airplane 1945

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You will fight on the best of historical airplanes, from classic fighters to light and heavy bombers like Grumman F6F Hellcat, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Su-5, P-51, P-36 Hawk, Schwalbe ''Swallow", Mitsubishi A6M Zero, B-17 Flying Fortress... to military aircraft of the modern generation. The enemy is coming. War thunder is roaring! Let's spread your steel wings, go on a mission by yourself and rule the sky NOW!

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There are 16 main Aircrafts to choose from in 1945 Airplane Force. You start the game with a choice out of two planes, the Boeing P-26 Peashooter (selected) and the the Grumman F3F. As you progress in the game you get more planes through completing special events and in-app purchases. You will get start the game with one plane selected until you open up more slots in your squadron. Your squadron has 4 slots.

1945 Airplane Force is a challenging shoot 'em up set during WWII with gameplay taken directly from classic arcade games. It pays homage well, with amazing pixelated graphics that stay true to the classics. Mastering gameplay in Airplane 1945 Air Force is pretty simple, mainly because it's similar to every other game in this genre: your airplane shoots missiles automatically, so it's your job to fly the plane across the scenario by dragging your finger across the screen. When you shoot an enemy, you get coins and spare parts that you can use to buy new and better planes or improve the ones you already have.

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Airplane 1945 Air Force: Airplane games is a much-loved aircraft shooting game with many exciting game modes. You can overcome many different levels with dense numbers of enemies possessing fearsome weapons. At the same time, you can also compete with other players and try to earn as many achievements in each level. You’ll need to collect an impressive number of planes to do this

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Since when have people always chased after extravagant frivolous game concepts? And is it true that when it comes to the climax of complexity, everything will return to the most basic things? Above all, playing a game is not to experience complexity, but to have relaxing moments. If you still believe in simple miracles, play 1945 Airplane Force MOD APK & ipa as a contribution to your faith